Our services

We know that building a heritage is a process that takes generations, and that making investment choices can be complex and destabilizing.

We give great care, and great value to protecting your legacy. We offer services in portfolio management, succession planning and philanthropy.


Discretionary Management


Discretionary management is the ideal solution for clients who are lacking the time and are looking to delegate the management of their assets.

Our advisors can help you define your goals, identify your risk profile and manage your portfolio within the scope of your objectives.

The advantages:

  • A proactive philosophy handled by professionals
  • A diversified strategy to managing your assets
  • A balanced approach that both protects and grows your wealth

Estate planning


Whether you’re looking to pass on your wealth to future generations or fund a philanthropic initiative, we can accompany you in the planning and succession process;

Together with our network of some Europe’s finest law firms, we can help you navigate through the complexity of succession planning and find the right solution, that’s tailored to your needs.

Are you dreaming of making the world a better place for future generations? No matter how big or small your philanthropic aspirations, we have the knowledge and know-how to turn your vision into a reality. Our advisors will help you set up and implement a philanthropic plan that is perfectly tailored to your needs, and touches matters dear to your heart.

We can help you:

  • Identify causes and foundations that answer to your ambitions
  • Determine the right level of engagement
  • Track the status and follow-up on your activities
  • Get your family involved in the process
  • Set up your own philanthropic foundation

Institutional Management


Thanks to its triple A score, Luxembourg offers a safe environment for financial investments that’s internationally-recognized. The guarantee of political and economic stability attracts many international investors looking for a rigorous legal and regulatory framework.

OREA CAPITAL’s expertise and skills are well-adapted to the requirements, objectives and profiles of both local and international institutional investors (i.e. pension funds, non-profit organizations and insurance companies).

We offer a range of services dedicated to our institutional clients that integrate respect for constraints, rigor and flexibility.