Whether you want to be fully involved or entrust your wealth to the care of professionals, Orea Capital offers customers with a range of solutions, including discretionary management, advisory management and a combination of both.

Discretionary Management


Discretionary management is an ideal solution for clients who lack the time to get involved. Simply specify your risk profile and long-term investment goals, and our advisors will handle the day-to-day management of your assets by selecting the right portfolio of investments for your objectives.
The benefits:

  • A hassle-free investment solution.
  • Tailor-made especially for you.
  • An actively managed portfolio by a financial expert.

Advisory Management


For clients who like to take control of their investment decisions, we offer advisory management. Our specialized team acts as a beacon of guidance, by offering advice, investment ideas, asset allocation recommendations and direct access to unique global investment opportunities. We design tailor-made investment solutions, but leave the ultimate decision-making to you.
The benefits:

  • A hands-on investment solution.
  • Guidance and support from industry experts.
  • Privileged and direct access to a personal advisor.
  • Access to a full range of investment products.