Ethical investing

A catalyst for positive change

Our commitment to responsible investing isn't just a strategy—it's a catalyst for positive change. 

Our responsible investment approach is rooted in the UN guidelines on responsible investing, known as the Sustainable Development Goals.

Durable investing

In our investment strategy, there's no conflict between returns and our commitment to people, society, and the planet. On the contrary, we believe a company's future success is closely linked to ecological, social, and governance factors - collectively known as the ESG trifecta.

Our core pillars of responsible stewardship:

With every portfolio we construct, we actively seek out companies that align with these principles. This applies to both our institutional management and our discretionary management, as well as to all financial instruments that play a role in our investment universe. 

ESG is injected into the investment process through three avenues: exclusion, engagement, and integration.


Companies that don’t meet our requirements for ESG criteria are excluded from our investment universe. We rely on the stringent list of the Norwegian pension fund (Norges Bank Investment Management), which is seen as a benchmark for ethical and responsible investments.


We aim to encourage responsible behavior from companies. In terms of the environment, we focus on limiting global warming and combating air, land, and water pollution. Socially, we strive for fair and dignified treatment for all parties. And in governance, we contribute to the development of good governance practices.


We integrate not only traditional financial parameters (risk and return) but also ESG data into our investment decisions.

In essence, through this process, we empower every financial decision to drive positive change for people, society, and the planet.

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