Institutional asset management

Tailored solutions for your institutional growth

We understand the importance of tailoring investments to fit the specific needs and goals of your pension fund, your social profit organization, your foundation or professional organisation


We understand the importance of tailoring investments to fit the specific needs and goals of your pension fund, non-profit organization, or insurance company.

Our investment process is designed to remain consistent for both individual and institutional clients, while also offering the flexibility necessary to accommodate your unique requirements, including:

  • Compliance needs, such as ESG considerations
  • Investment constraints, like regional or style preferences
  • Operational requirements, such as comprehensive reporting
  • Reporting to Board of Directors
  • Transparant cost structure

Luxembourg, a secure financial haven

Thanks to its AAA rating, Luxembourg provides a safe and internationally recognized financial environment. This assurance of political and economic stability attracts many investors seeking a robust legal and regulatory framework.

Our investment process in six steps

Our experienced team of experts oversees the day-to-day management of your institutional portfolio. Our investment process involves a continuous cycle of gathering information, analysis, monitoring, and reassessment, covering these six steps:

Flexible asset allocation for risk management

We always prioritize long-term investments, with a main focus on stocks. To manage risks effectively, we may increase cash reserves or shift towards bonds or defensive stocks during turbulent market conditions. This strategy aims to maximize returns while minimizing potential losses.

Selection of regions and sectors

From the global universe of stocks, we select regions and sectors using a blend of bottom-up and top-down approaches. This allows us to consider company-specific, sector-related, and macroeconomic factors alike.

Model-based approach for investment ideas

Our portfolio managers thoroughly evaluate investment opportunities using our own research platform. This platform relies on widely accepted academic insights and proven concepts in stock analysis.

Internal watchlist and monitoring

After the initial selection phase, our portfolio managers subject investment ideas to a more in-depth fundamental evaluation and analysis to gain a thorough understanding of the company, sector, and key growth factors. The most attractive companies are placed on a watchlist, which is continuously monitored.

Active portfolio construction

Our portfolio thrives on stocks our managers truly believe in, backed by robust research. We actively curate these portfolios, steering clear of mere index tracking. They're primarily stocked with individual favorites, especially favoring big names. For expressing unique regional, sectoral, or thematic insights, we often harness the power of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Effective risk management

Our portfolio managers follow several key guidelines to manage portfolio risk effectively. The approach emphasizes reassessment and adjustment of positions for optimal risk management and strives for continuous improvement in investment opportunities.

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